8 Great Things That Come in Small Packages – HID Lights, Watches, Jewelry and More

We’ve all heard the saying “Great things come in small packages.” Well I’m here to tell you that this clich├ęd saying is one of the truest statements anyone can every make. If you don’t believe, just take a look at 10 of the greatest things that come in small packages below.WatchesWhen you give someone a watch, you aren’t just giving him or her a cool new accessory, you are giving the gift of time.BabiesYes babies are pretty small and helpless when they’re born, but you can’t deny that they’re pretty great.HID LightsThis may seem like a strange thing to include in this list, but HID lights are awesome. They’re small but they’ll increase your level of safety and visibility on a dark cold night.JewelryYes that diamond necklace may appear small, but you can bet that it’s worth a whole lot of money.MP3 PlayersThey’re tiny, but they come loaded with the ability to carry tons of songs, pictures and videos.Gift CardsAgain these might not look amazing wrapped under the Christmas tree, but they give someone the ability to go out and get exactly what they want for Christmas.KeysWhether it’s to your boyfriend’s apartment or your parents just bought you a new car, a gifted key certainly stands for a lot more than its outward appearance.BooksSmall enough to pop in your purse or to hold in the bathtub, books offer hours of entertainment in addition to their convenient size.